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Air Freshener Rotary Type Aerosol Filling Machine
DATE: 2015/07/14




Air Freshener Aerosol Filling Machine Line


Air Freshener Rotary Type Aerosol Filling Machine




Air Freshener Rotary Type Aerosol Filling Machine is composed of bottle-setting machine,bottle-washing machine, tunnel sterilization oven and filling, sealing andcharging machine, in order to meet the factory's requirement of mass productionof aerosol products. According to client's requirement, the equipment can be equippedwith water-bath checking, weighing and label-attaching equipment. The wholemachine adopts PLC control, so it can be controlled by a whole line, or controlledalone. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, and the filling partis made of 316L stainless steel, meeting the requirement of GMP.


Main characteristics of its function

1) High auto-degree, few operating workers, running stably, and applicable to mass production

2) The oven can control its temperature, record, check and show troubles automatically

3) Washing bottles by water three times, gas two times, ensuring the bottle's cleanness and no water remained

4) Filling, sealing and charging adopt two heads, increasing the output. And the electric machinery can adopt flameproof electric machinery according to requirement5) It is applicable for the production of aluminum jars and glass bottles.



Technical Parameters:

Inflation capacity


Inflation Accuracy


Capping accuracy


Production Capacity

3000-3600 cans/hr

Working Pressure


Maximum Air Consumption


Applicable Aerosol Can Diameter


Applicable Aerosol Can Height


Valve Requirement

1”  international standard valve



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