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Automatic Oral care spray aerosol filling machine





Automatic Oral care spray aerosol filling machine consists of automatic can feeding machine, automatic liquid product filling machine, automatic crimping & gassing machine and conveyor. It could complete the job of automatic can feeding, blowing, liquid product filling, crimping and gassing. The working speed output rate could reach 30-70 cans per minute.

Automatic Oral care spray aerosol filling machine is full air driven except the conveyor. The main pneumatic parts are from SMC Japan. It’s a set of effective, reliable, easy operation and easy maintenance machine.

The filling part of Automatic Oral care spray aerosol filling machine could be controlled independently, no can no filling. Guide rails for crimping so that the crimper would stop working if the sealing is not qualified. Guide rails for gassing part as well, accurate, effective and less consumption.

Automatic Oral care spray aerosol filling machinecould work with automatic valve placing machine, automatic weight checking machine for aerosol cans, automatic water bath leakage detection machine, automatic actuator placing machine, automatic cap presser and ink jet printer to complete a full automatic aerosol production line. 

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