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Gas Cartridge Filling Machine Line
DATE: 2015/07/14



Gas Cartridge Filling Machine Line


Gas Cartridge Filling Machine Line


Gas Cartridge Filling Machine Line


Working Process

Manual Can Feeding   Empty Can Conveying System   Manual Valve Insertion   Crimping & Gassing System   Conveyor    Next Station 



1. Sealing guided,automatically stop on unqualified sealing;

2. Accurate & efficient gas inflation reduces gas consumption;

3. Can be perfectly matched with automatic water bath leakage detection machine, automatic check weighing machine,automatic actuator placing machine, capping machine and ink jet printer.


Technical Parameters:

Inflation capacity


Inflation Accuracy


Capping accuracy


Production Capacity

3000-3600 cans/hr

Working Pressure


Maximum Air Consumption


Applicable Aerosol Can Diameter


Applicable Aerosol Can Height


Valve Requirement

1”  international standard valve



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